Are you a woman returning to work
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The Definitive Women’s Career Re-entry Course

Prepare To Launch U is a complete online course designed to guide you through the unique challenges of re-entering the workforce after opting out to care for family. We provide the instruction, inspiration and practical tools you need to launch successfully – all in a flexible, self-paced format that fits your life, your schedule, and your goals.

What began as a successful live course, is now online and available to women everywhere!

Kelley Biskupiak & Susan Rietano Davey, Co-Founders

As career women and moms, too, founders Kelley and Susan have been helping women return to work for a combined 30 years. Find out more about them here:

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Is Prepare to Launch U
right for U?

Let’s face it; if you’re visiting our site, you’ve given more than a passing thought to re-entering the workplace. Is this your first stop? Or are you gung-ho and ready to go? Whatever the case and wherever you are on the journey, Prepare to Launch U is your roadmap to success.

Don’t go it alone. Even the most accomplished women need guidance, encouragement and tools to navigate their return to the rapidly changing workplace.

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You can do it with U

Returning to financially and professionally rewarding work after taking time off for family is exciting – and daunting, too.  We know. We’ve done it ourselves, and we’ve helped hundreds of other women do it, too. Here are a few other things we know from our many years of career coaching women and moms:

  • A gap in your résumé is not a career-killer.

    Your years at home are just a blip in the now 50-year work paradigm. And they weren’t wasted – you’ve managed interesting ‘projects’ and honed valuable skills during your years at home.

  • The workplace needs more woman-leaders like you.

    Your time at home is valuable; its impact will be long lasting. But now, it’s time you bring your passion, skills, and experience back to the workplace to drive results and change culture.

  • Employers hire women who have been out of the workplace.

    And research shows these women perform at the same rate (or better) than their colleagues.

  • You are
    not alone.

    There are thousands of women out there with similar dreams to yours – and similar obstacles. Join them and join us to knock down those obstacles and realize your dreams.

Our Course

We are on your time

Sure, you could piece together a return-to-work plan ~ if you knew exactly what help you needed, and you had the time to find it. But you don’t! We understand that because we’re moms, too.

That’s why we designed our Prepare to Launch U course. It’s a one-stop source providing all of the training and tools you need to return to work, delivered in a fun, easy-to-use, and fully flexible format.

Clients and students of our back to work program have successfully resumed dynamic careers, rebranded themselves and pivoted into new careers, and started their own businesses and practices. They feel challenged and fulfilled, and enjoy a healthy work life balance. You can, too!

Stop thinking about getting back to work and let us help you do it. Sign up for our Prepare to Launch U course today!

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