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  • 31 October 2018Husbands & Wives, Job Search Skills • Susan Rietano Davey

    In Praise of the Cavewoman and her many ‘Hats’

    When we were newly married, Bob and I saw the play “Defending the Caveman” with some friends. Caveman is a one-man comedy that explores the innate differences between men and women with hilarious clarity.

    Its premise is simply that we have been primally wired since pre-Neanderthal days in gender-specific ways that have stood the test of time.

    Men descend from hunters who spent the better part of their days hiding in trees, focused on the singular task of finding an unsuspecting mammal that might become dinner.

    Women descend from gatherers, who spent the better part of their days watching over children and completing any number of concurrent tasks like planting and harvesting vegetables, collecting water, preparing food, cleaning huts, building fires, whittling, sewing, cooking.

    In short: Men are wired to do one thing at a time. Women are wired to multi-task.

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  • 1 August 2018Husbands & Wives, Job Search Skills • Susan Rietano Davey

    4 Ways Husbands Can Help Their Wives Return to Work

    On a recent shoot with our local ABC affiliate (WTNH) in New Haven, CT., Kelley and I were pleasantly surprised by a question from reporter Sarah Cody’s trusty cameraman, Mike Piskorski. When the interview was over and we were returning to our posts, Mike, who’d been appropriately quiet for 45 minutes, piped up: “I have a question for you, ladies.” He cleared his throat. “Is there anything I can do to help my wife as she considers returning to work?”

    “You bet, Mike!” we responded, delighted by his question and nearly choking on our green teas at the thoughtfulness of it. If you, too, are the spouse of an aspiring career-returner, consider the four tips we offered Mike:

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