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  • 5 May 2021Career, Confidence, Inspiration, Job Search Skills • Susan Rietano Davey

    The Alexa Problem

    Alexa doesn’t live at our house. When we installed our Sonos sound system, we purposefully decided we could handle the ‘inconvenience’ of having to select a playlist on our phones rather than barking at a smart speaker.

    I’m so glad we did. Alexa, I’ve learned, is annoyingly contrite.

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  • 5 June 2019Confidence, Inspiration • Susan Rietano Davey

    You Are A Special Person

    At Roaring Brook Elementary School, in my little suburban Connecticut town, a major rite of passage for second graders is Special Persons Day. Each student chooses one special person in their life, draws a portrait of them, writes a tribute to them, presents this tribute to them on a stage, with a microphone. There are songs and laughs and lots of tears.

    As the mother of four RBS graduates and godmother of two, odds are that I would have been chosen for the honor by now. In fact, it is a bit of a joke among my neighbor-friends and my own kids that I – as special as I am 😉 – never have been.

    Until this year.

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  • 24 April 2019Career, Confidence • Susan Rietano Davey

    Recovering from Mom Guilt

    I met my friend Anne Marie through her daughter, Nicole, a classmate of my son Jackson’s at Roaring Brook Elementary School. One day I ran into Anne Marie in the school parking lot minutes before the second grade Literary Tea Party. I was pulling in on two wheels, predictably late. Anne Marie was on time, in her car, changing clothes.

    “What are you doing?” I asked, shocked that anyone might think volunteering for an elementary school book reading required any wardrobe consideration.

    “I had a work meeting,” she replied, pulling off a beautiful blazer. “Nicole doesn’t like me to come to school in ‘work’ clothes.”

    Little seven-year-old Nicole preferred her mother, a brilliant tech professional, to come to school in yoga pants or jeans so as not to call attention to the fact that she worked.

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  • 3 April 2019Confidence, Inspiration • Kelley Biskupiak

    5 Steps to Communicate a Difficult Decision

    “Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing for you…are the same”

    There is such truth in this quote. Especially when it comes to making decisions that could change an aspect of your life and impact the lives of others. I see it so often in the clients we coach and the students we work with. Truth be told, I see it as a truth for myself.

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  • 20 March 2019Confidence, Inspiration • Kimberly Howard

    Getting Along With A Little Help From New Friends

    For years I bragged that whenever I chose to, I could jump back into the workforce. Who wouldn’t want an experienced marketing communications exec? I knew enough about social media and SEO to wing it in the workplace. Plus, I’m a quick learner! With this mindset, last fall, I pulled together my resume and joined LinkedIn. Sure, I’d have to take a step back from where I was on the pay scale, but I didn’t have any doubt about my ability to land a position. I was relaunching! I was eager to return to the ranks of the working. What I soon learned, however, is that job hunting is completely different now than it was 20 years ago and I simply did not have the tools to navigate this new process on my own.

    Relaunching into the workforce after eighteen years as a stay at home mom did not turn out as I’d envisioned.

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  • 14 November 2018Confidence, Job Search Skills • Susan Rietano Davey

    Resilience: the Antidote to Rejection

    It’s Girl Scout cookie “close-out” season and I’m all in. Outside polling stations around the country last week, boxes of last year’s cookies were selling like hotcakes. And they taste as good as they did back in January! I know this because, yesterday, I polished off the remainder of a nearly full box of Samoas in Kelley’s pantry. Gross, I know, but is the Samoa not cookie perfection? Shortbread, caramel, toasted coconut, dark chocolate. I am weak in its presence.

    The scouts are marketing geniuses. Whatever doesn’t’ sell in spring, they pull back out during the dark days between Halloween (which primes our sweet tooths) and the holidays (where sweets are abundant), when the days are darker and our clothes are baggier.

    For years, I looked forward to the arrival of adorable clipboard-carrying girls dressed in their green uniforms, badges aplenty, towing their red wagons of ‘samples’ and cheerily asking for my order. I didn’t disappoint; over the years I even noticed an asterisk next to my address on the order form suggesting that my generous orders were well documented.

    Not every homeowner was generous or even friendly. My neighborhood girl scout, now 21, reports that she had doors closed in her face, angry admonishments for disturbing the peace, and even raging dogs released in protest of her visits.

    “It was all good training,” she says now with the wisdom of a young adult. “Rejection stings, but we deal with it and get stronger from it.” How true.

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  • 19 September 2018Confidence, Work + Life Balance • Kelley Biskupiak

    Time to Pull the Trigger

    Raise your hand if you’ve had a conversation in your lifetime that would qualify more as a defining moment than a conversation. Yes? Then you will know exactly where I’m coming from with the story I am about to tell.

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