About Prepare to Launch U

Kelley Biskupiak & Susan Rietano Davey, Co-Founders

Kelley and Susan met while speaking at a women’s forum in 2016. At the time, they were both independently coaching a range of women (from seasoned professionals to young women navigating new motherhood) through life and career transition. Immediately, they felt a connection and knew that they could better help more women if they teamed up. So, the two joined forces to develop the Prepare to Launch U program, an 8-week seminar for small groups of women in central Connecticut, where they live.

Soon, clients from Pennsylvania, Virginia and further were asking them to bring Prepare to Launch U on the road – but the program couldn’t be effectively scaled for long-distance audiences. So, they assembled a team of experts to help them create a fully integrated online course for women across the country to take anytime, anywhere.

Perhaps what’s best about Kelley and Susan, and what has best prepared them to design and teach this unique course, is that each of them has lived her own version of the ‘returning to work’ story in her personal life. Kelley and Susan know the challenges of returning to work. They get your angst. They’ve lived the juggle. And they can teach you how to overcome it all to get back in the game now.

Invite Kelley and Susan into your home and onto your laptop or mobile device today.

Soon, they’ll feel like old friends – and you’ll feel like a new woman, fully prepared to launch!